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New to everything AI but in it for entertainment

  • 1.  New to everything AI but in it for entertainment

    Posted Thu July 27, 2023 06:05 PM


    I was a fan of a podcast, Cleveland Browns Dumpster Fire. One of the fictional characters featured was Hologram Sashi. The Cleveland Browns owner wanted his General Manager, Sashi Brown, to be more available than any one person could possibly be. So the staff made a marionette called Howdy Sashi to suffice as the boys in the tech lab created Hologram Sashi.

    After the podcast was cancelled, I started getting at least a dozen daily scammer calls on my cell phone. Recently those calls were voice recognition AI bot scripts. And that made me to realize that Hologram Sashi could actually be built as a real life AI in homage to the original podcast. Other fans was to participate in a fan fiction reboot of the podcast, as well.

    I chose IBM over open source alternatives because IBM AI Governance should be a great way for multiple content creators to collaborate in training this ridiculous AI. The desired output is entertainment. The desired output is an  AI generated comedy podcast, Cleveland Browns Hot Garbage. Please do not believe I am contributing intellectual content into this forum. As I am trying to be better than scammers who use AIVR for the cold calling, I never imagine to be cutting edge in my development. I'm only pursuing experience.

    Waiting for Watson X gave me time to study and parody IBM Watson content. I created completely ridiculous clones of real videos that IBM has on YouTube. And if you are curious to hear my parodies, they are on Rumble.

    Hologram Sashi SDS

    Thank you for allowing me to briefly distract you from far more valuable info here in this community.

    Neal Palmquist