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  • 1.  Measuring Both Entangled Particles Simultaneously

    Posted Tue April 23, 2024 09:53 AM


    I could not find a "Quantum" group to ask this. 

    This question has been bugging me and I cannot find any answers. Even Claude 3 was stumped. 

    Hypothetical Question: 

    "Can an individual in an entangled or simulated entagled state, measure both entangled particles at once? 

    Please do not focus on the "how?". I feel that would be missing the point. Imagine we are 100 years into the future and have the technology to do this experiment. Would we be able to measure both entangled particles?



    Julian Gonzalez
    Prompt Engineer
    Self Employed
    Tampa FL

  • 2.  RE: Measuring Both Entangled Particles Simultaneously

    IBM Champion
    Posted Wed April 24, 2024 09:47 AM

    Hi Julien,

    I'd say, where is the issue at all? The question is your expectation of the outcome!

    First we have to talk about measuring "at the same instant". How would you make sure, it is the same instant for the entangled particles? Or is it the same instant for you?

    Both particles are regular particles. You can measure a feature of the particle. Entanglement just talks about the relationship between the particles and your measurement will reveal the information of both sides instantly. It will lead to a random experiment in the end. And it was one in the beginning too, independent of making the measurement at the same time.

    That's just my understanding how this entanglement works.



    Roland Schock
    IBM Champion and IBM Gold Consultant

  • 3.  RE: Measuring Both Entangled Particles Simultaneously

    Posted Thu April 25, 2024 10:23 AM

    Ditto on the some of the deets with Roland. Entanglement is more like an energetic relationship. A good way to imagine this through an allegory would be through hugging someone with a very strong perfume.

    While you may be separated from that person at a great distance, some of that scent will remain on you. Mirroring to a degree with the energy signature. The signature scent will be relatable to the event and host who gave you it. It matches the host event, but will change due to variance. How energy transforms and blends into the environment. 

    Also; it depends on "what" you're trying to measure. Measuring becomes different with particles in motion. For instance, some will notice that "Virtual Particles" kind of blip in and out of existence, while some pairs of "Virtual Particles" cancel each other out.

    Hope this helps. Good topic by the way and a good week 

    Niké Noor
    United Nations Association
    Golden CO