Carmen-Gabriela Stefanita

IBM Data Science and AI Elite

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IBM Data Science and AI Elite


Carmen has a PhD in condensed matter physics and is a Data Science Profession Certification - Level 3 Thought Leader. She works in the IBM Data and AI Elite team where she leads projects for international clients and internal teams developing machine learning solutions on IBM's cloud data and AI platforms. She has decades of scientific practice in mathematical modeling, business operation procedures, strategic leadership and planning. Her diversity of data science projects span areas from shaping internet traffic in the advertising technology, to financial model forecasts and risk assessments for professional investors.

As an academic, Carmen has educated hundreds of students and served as a career counselor. Her numerous scientific publications include two advanced physics books that contain some of the data science methods in use these days.

Carmen is also an award-winning entrepreneur and inventor, having demonstrated a keen business sense and advanced project planning skills. As a mentor for Canadian companies expanding into US markets, she has proven that she can effectively find business solutions and can place strategically a product into a market.

Together with her IBM Data and AI Elite team colleagues, Carmen introduces clients to advanced scientific data processing and AI modeling techniques in telecommunications, banking, industrial components and retail. She connects with clients, supports their business objectives by executing a machine learning algorithm that solves a real-life use case problem, followed by giving business interpretation to AI results and deployment of AI models. 

In her free time, Carmen enjoys swimming and other endurance sports and is a devoted world traveler.