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Interested in blockchain technology and its potential to automate business and the web through executable smart contracts. Ideally I can learn enough to start employing Watson business analytics and start using AI to discover efficiencies to grow our online gambling social network in a rapidly groqing market and find news ways of connecting social gaming points on our data graph. Moving to the cloud and/or possibly utilizing blockchain technology are also interesting things I'd like to accomplish here. My most ambitious goal is to prove my financial model for "digital capital mining" is possible with the help of ML, RL, AI, DL & Artificial Neural Networks. Digital capital mining (DCM) is something I've spent years working on and studying and artificial intelligence is now capable of driving this immensely powerful new financial model which I am creating. I'd be thrilled to talk with you in more detail about digital capital mining for hours if financial AI is of interest to you. Hope to continue learning and growing mutually profitable business partnerships. I would like to build Repost & sharing technology on the IBM hybrid cloud. I'm seeking an investment from IBM or funding to develop technology for which I have various IP.