Andre Violante

IBM Data Science and AI Elite

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IBM Data Science and AI Elite


Andre is part of the IBM Data Science Elite Team and supports client engagements that involve machine learning and artificial intelligence tasks.

Andre has a Master’s degree in analytics / data science and almost 10 years of digital analytics experience. He specializes in retail and consumer analytics with experience coming from companies like Zappos, Nike, and SAS. Andre has worked with several data platforms (Oracle, Hadoop, AWS) using a variety of open source tools, primarily R and Python. Andre enjoys building relationships and is very intellectually curious with a passion for solving real world business problems that make impact.

On his off time, Andre enjoys exercising, watching sports, and spending time with his family. He is a frequent walker of various environments (outside, trails, beaches, airports, malls, etc.) and tries to be as active as possible to overcome his uncontrollable sweet tooth.