Philippe Laborie

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My research is at the crossroads of Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research. I'm particularly interested in Combinatorial Optimization, in problems dealing with Time and in solving complex real-life industrial problems. So not surprisingly, some of my favorite topics include: - Scheduling - Automated planning and scheduling (a.k.a. AI Planning) - Temporal Reasoning - Uncertainty handling - Plan and schedule execution - Supervision and Diagnostic. I'm fond of developing and combining any sort of techniques that can help solving the above problems like: - Constraint Programming (CP) - Mathematical Programming - Exact algorithms - Meta-heuristics - Graph algorithms - Machine Learning. Since more than 20 years I have been working in a dream team at IBM (ILOG) that develops CP Optimizer, the CP engine of CPLEX Optimization Studio. CP Optimizer combines CP with a bunch of other techniques to model and automatically solve the hardest scheduling problems of our customers. And it works ...