Jordi Gómez Campos


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Expertise in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology with interdisciplinary training that combines competences and knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics and is focused on fields of application such as technologies, materials, biotechnology, medicine, energy and the environment. Because of its applications, this discipline is one of the most important engines of the new industry and the knowledge society.

· European Comission
- Accredited member of Expert in Research and Innovation of the Funding & Tenders Opportunities for H2020.
- Accredited member of Maritime Forum.
· EPO - European Patent Office
- Accredited member of of the EPO Discussions Forum.
· AECC - Spanish Association of Scientific Communication 
- Accredited member of Spanish Association of Scientific Communication.

United States of America 
· DARPA - Defense Advance Research Projects Agency  
- Accredited member of Platform Polyplexus, an R&D propulsion Lab.
· NSF - National Science Foundation
- Accredited member of CPS-VO & NSF-US
   Cyber Physical Systems & Nanotechnology Science Foundation.
· National Institute Science & Technology - NIST
- Accredited member of  Manufacturing Extension Partnership MEP.

· Accredited Member of IBM exChange.
· Accredited Member of IBM Developer.
· Accredited Member of IBM Security Community.
· Accredited Member of IBM Security Academy Learning.
· Accredited Member of IBM Security Connect.
· Accredited Member of IBM Talent Network.