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    Posted Thu August 19, 2021 02:01 PM
    Hi comunity,

    My name is Miguel, im from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Im here searching for something in particular. As the title says, i need to know more about upgrading my IBM x3400 M3. I have had for ages my IBM server just to allow web hosting, but know I'm thinking about improving or upgrading to get better results.
    The aim of this post is just to know if there was possible to change the dual Xeon proccesors to others proccesor of the same series. I have two xeon 5606 LGA 1366, at 2.12 ghz, and the motherboard model is IBM 69Y4356. I just want to upgrade to a 6core proccesor, or at least a 4core 8 threads proccesor. Should i do something to the BIOS after changing the proccesor in that case? 

    Well that's all, i'll accept al suggestions or advices, 
    thank you to all since yet.

    Miguel Sanguinetti