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I cannot find Prebuilt Models

  • 1.  I cannot find Prebuilt Models

    Posted Fri September 25, 2020 01:17 PM

    I am having actually two questions
    Can I assume that IBM Cloud Pak for Data is the successor of Watson Studio?
    When I click on link Getting Started below an icon labeled Watson Studio the browser redirects me to a webpage labeled IBM Cloud Pal for Data.

    The second issue:
    As we all know the internet changes fast. What worked yesterday may have changed today.
    Could anyone confirm that some of the Watson Resources Studio instructions I found are partial out of date?
    Topic Task 2: Analyze images with Watson VR
    Based on the instructions there should be somewhere a models page with pre-built models.
    Well I cannot find anything that looks close to pre-build models.
    I struggle with Exercise 4 Task 2.

    Exercise 2: Create a Watson Studio Resource

    To manage all your projects, you will use IBM Watson Studio. In this exercise, you will add Watson Studio as a Resource.

    Task 1: Add Watson Studio as a resource

    1. On the Dashboard, click Create Resource.

    2. In the Catalog, click AI (16).

    Note that the Lite Pricing Plan is selected.

    3. In the list of Services, click Watson Studio.

    4. On the Watson Studio page, select the region closest to you, verify that the Lite plan is selected, and then click Create.

    5. When the Watson Studio resource is successfully created, you will see the Watson Studio page. Click Get Started.

    6. You will see this message when Watson Studio is successfully set up for you. 

    Click Get Started.

    Exercise 3: Create a project

    To manage all the resources and services that you are working with, you should create a Watson Studio Project. You will begin by creating an empty project, and then adding the resources and services that you need. 

    Task 1: Create an empty project

    1.On the Watson Studio Welcome page, click Create a project.

    2. On the Create a project page, click Create an empty project.

    3. On the New project page, enter a Name and Description for your project.

    4. You must define storage for your project before you can create it. Under Select storage service, click Add.

    5. On the Cloud Object Storage page, verify that Lite is selected, and then click Create.

    6. In the Confirm Creation box, click Confirm.

    7. On the New project page, under Define storage, click Refresh, and then click Create.

    Exercise 4: Add a Watson VR Service instance

    This project will focus on analyzing images, so you need to add the Watson Visual Recognition Service. You will also need some images to analyze, so follow the setup steps below to ensure you are prepared.


    Before you begin this exercise, you must complete the following steps:

    1. Collect a set of at least 20 images. You can use your own images, or download them from the internet. 

    2. Store the images in an easy to find location.

    Task 1: Add the Visual Recognition Service

    1. To add services to the project, click Add to project.

    2. In the Choose asset type box, click Visual Recognition.

    3. In the Associate a service box, click here.

    4. On the Visual Recognition page, verify that Lite is selected, and then click Create.

    5. In the Confirm Creation box, click Confirm.

    Task 2: Analyze images with Watson VR

    1. Now you can see all the built-in image classification models that IBM Watson provides! Let's try the General model.

    To analyze your images, on the Models page, under Prebuilt Models, in the General box, click Test.

    2. On the General page, click the Test tab.

    3. To upload images, on the Test tab, click Browse.

    4. Select the images you want to upload and then click Open.

    At my web browser I cannot find anything related with Models or Prebuild models.
    All I can see is Assets where I could upload files.

    Matthias Jungbauer