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Robust regression and Essentials plugin for v28

  • 1.  Robust regression and Essentials plugin for v28

    Posted 19 days ago

    Hey everyone, new to SPSS and statistics (currently enrolled in a grad course getting an introduction).  We're using Andy Field's Discovering Statistics Using SPSS Statistics 5th North American edition as a text, and I'm trying to apply a robust linear regression in the Analyze --> Regression menu.  His text talks about needing to have the Essentials for R plugin installed in order to see this option, and he goes through details of how to locate the right version and install it and R itself.  However, I saw here that IBM says they already installed both Essentials for R plugin and R starting in version 28.0 (I am running that version - premium version), but I do not see "Robust regression" as an option in the menu.

    Could anyone potentially guide me as to what I might need to do in order to run that option? Hope I have been clear enough, but can supply more info if needed.


    Kevin B

  • 2.  RE: Robust regression and Essentials plugin for v28

    Posted 19 days ago
    Edited by Rick Marcantonio 19 days ago
    Hi, Kevin.

    From the main menu, go to Extensions > Extension Hub. Search for the R robust regression package. When you see this:

    click the little "Get" checkbox on the right, and follow the dialogs from there. Accept the license and the extension will be installed. You will find it on the Analyze > Regression menu as Robust Regression.

    Rick Marcantonio
    Quality Assurance