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  • 1.  Keras in R

    Posted Sun August 11, 2019 07:25 PM
    The Datum is starting up with the 'Library Series' wherein we can compute our algorithms straight from the documentation of various R libraries. This is because we can implement our algorithms and models better if we know the documentation of the library being used and also knowing how the backend functions perform.
    Today, we are focusing on Keras Library of R which works on TensorFlow backend. We have implemented our neural network model by customizing it on the layer level. We have also evaluated the model today for all the Optimizers in the Keras library. The model learns handwritten numeric digits 0 - 9, and its learning is evaluated for loss and accuracy with learning across all the optimizers in the Keras library as mentioned before. Check this out - Keras Library: Understanding Optimizer

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    Neeraj Jangid