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Is Cloud Computing A Better Place To Secure Data?

  • 1.  Is Cloud Computing A Better Place To Secure Data?

    Posted Fri November 13, 2020 06:37 AM
    I am planning to take Google cloud certification as suggested by one of my friend. I was reading some facts about GCP i.e Cloud computing generally offers customers more services for less cost; that is the basic advantage and promise. Customers must entrust their personal and business data to remote services, but in exchange, they get to access more software and a broader range of services than they could normally afford otherwise. So, kindly enlighten me more on this topic.

    Arpit Dixit

  • 2.  RE: Is Cloud Computing A Better Place To Secure Data?

    Posted Mon November 16, 2020 03:12 AM
    You are asking that question in an ibm community?
    I think there is a difference weather the google certificate adds value to you, and weather google cloud adds value to google customers.
    The number of clouds is not going down, but going up.
    Why not go for a multicloud certificate?
    You could have a look into the Aviatrix ACE Program - they are selling multicloud certificates.
    Costs and fees for customers are subject to change.
    What is a bargain today, might be expensive tomorrow.
    In your perception, who is the customer?

    Matthias Jungbauer

  • 3.  RE: Is Cloud Computing A Better Place To Secure Data?

    Posted Tue November 17, 2020 04:23 AM
    I think it all depends on what kind of industry you are in or where you see yourself working in the future. IBM cloud products re highly suited for large enterprises with big budgets on cloud service products especially those who have been using IBM for a while. Google cloud would be ideal for startups trying to solve very niche problems with small budgets. That is not to say IBM cannot work with startups. Just giving the best scenarios for each product. IBM is also great for enterprises that solve complex problems where scalability, security and tech integration are key drivers.
    So depending on the kind of industry you are in or hope to grow a career in, it would be easy to know what cloud solution to focus on. I work as an IT Engineer for a big government agency and I am trying to get more knowledge and training on IBM services as I believe it would most suited for the size of organization I work for with about 10 thousand employees.

    So know where you are or where you are headed professionally and it would be able to decide on what cloud services you should be focusing on.

    ICT Engineer
    Federal Inland Revenue Service