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Welcome to the new IBM Data Science Community

  • 1.  Welcome to the new IBM Data Science Community

    Posted Mon November 25, 2019 05:08 PM
    Edited by Christina Howell Thu January 09, 2020 04:58 PM

    Welcome to the new and improved IBM Data Science community! I am your community manager (you can also find me over in the Business Analytics Community), and I look forward to supporting this group by monitoring feedback and questions, providing useful information and tools, and building out a vibrant ecosystem for users to get access to courses and education, share ideas and use cases, ask for advice, and troubleshoot. ​

    A quick tour of what you'll see in the new community:

    In the Know: Check here for our monthly newsletters, curated by data science experts including @Michael Tamir, @Nick Acosta, @Michael Mansour, @William Roberts @Trisha Mahoney and @Austin Eovito. Be sure to join the discussion and share your thoughts on topics such as: 

    What else would you like to see in the newsletter? 

    AI Skills: 
    We find education and training to be a highly valued asset to members of our data science community. While we have a partnership with Coursera and other training organizations to bring you complimentary programs, we also have the IBM Skills Gateway, where you can get certification in a number of different areas.

    Keep an eye on this section for what's happening in AI Learning and Education, including an open source data science curriculum in conjunction with UPenn and The Linux Foundation, as well as a webinar on how to get AI-certified through IBM and grow your data science career.  If you're interested in this, be sure to join the conversations going on in our AI Learning group

    One of our Data Science Elite members, @Carlo Appugliese just put out an e-book, Agile AI: A Practical Guide to Building AI Applications and Teamsfree to community members. 

    Hands-On: There's no better way to build your data science skillset, network and repertoire than to try things out for yourself! This section includes how-to's, projects, tools, data sets, etc. to explore and learn for yourself. Check out: 

    Group Discussions: As the primary function for community, we invite all of our members to use the discussion board as a place to introduce yourselves, share some background on your experience, ask any questions or advice to other members and experts, or put out a call to action. Since we're brand new, I encourage everyone to reply to this thread with a brief introduction, the data science tools you use, some projects you've published on GitHub or elsewhere, how you intend to engage with this community, and most importantly what you'd like to see.  

    Local Groups: Are you a local user group leader? Would you like to start a user group? Local user groups are a great way to connect and interact both online and offline with other IBM users near you. For more on local user groups and to apply to lead one in our community today, click here. IBM Community proudly sponsors many local user group events around the world, and would love to connect with you and support your efforts. 

    Local user group leaders, don't forget to reach out to us about Think 2020 in San Francisco May 4-7 on how we may be able to coordinate efforts!

    Data Science Spotlight: 
    We spotlight a featured community member or blog monthly. Could this be you? 

    Events: Want to dig into skills and training? Start your Data Science learning journey here, by attending our webinars and in-person events. Have something to share with our community, such as leading a product use case webinar or tips and tricks? Send me a message or reply here and we'll get you set up. 

    You can also catch replays, including Watson Assistant and Watson Studio Onboarding here

    News: Here you'll find an integration of news sources relevant to Data Science, largely sourced from our community blogs, generated by both members and experts. If you're interested in becoming a blogger on IBM Community, please reach out to me here!  The overall Community platform hosts over 130,000 members across 12+ different topic areas. 

    You'll also see a leaderboard on the left side of the home page. Earn points for every post that you contribute to or even read. There are plenty of achievement badges to collect!

    Looking forward to getting to know our members and continuing to tailor the Data Science community to your needs. Thanks for dropping an introduction and any feedback here -- again, welcome!​​​​​​​​​

    Christina Howell

  • 2.  RE: Welcome to the new IBM Data Science Community

    Posted Thu December 12, 2019 03:17 AM
    Thanks Christina! I've been learning so much on IBM over these last few months. Thanks for all the help with sharing educational information and resources.

    Benjamin Ogden

  • 3.  RE: Welcome to the new IBM Data Science Community

    Posted 16 days ago
    Welcome new members!

    Thanks to our wonderful partnership with Coursera, our data science community just welcomed nearly 1,500 new members over the last 7 days. For those of you joining us by way of the Coursera newsletter, we are pleased to have you join us here, and look forward to learning more about you while we continue to share resources and events that are valuable to your data science journey. 

    In this thread, you'll see I shared a quick tour of the community - including how to navigate, some articles to check out, events and more. For those of you interested in the complimentary Coursera courses, you can participate by joining the AI Learning group here, and click on the "Join Group" button in the banner. Then you'll receive an email on how to proceed. 

    Stay tuned for emails containing upcoming educational webinars and virtual and in-person meetups. Be sure to complete your profile, including adding your country and photo - you won't want to miss out on local events, or opportunities to join local groups. By opting in to our daily digest, you'll be updated on activity happening across the community each evening by email. Let me know if you have any questions, and please let us know how your community experience has been so far!

    Christina Howell

  • 4.  RE: Welcome to the new IBM Data Science Community

    Posted 15 days ago
    Hello Christina,
    How to get Coursera one month  free subscription.please let know.
    Chandrakanth B

    Bachu Chandrakanth

  • 5.  RE: Welcome to the new IBM Data Science Community

    Posted 14 days ago
    Edited by David W. Kovalcik 14 days ago
    Hello Christina and Community!!!

    What an incredible resource to have for all beginners, experienced individuals, and teams, as well as seasoned experts and gurus!   After 22 years with IBM, I am still amazed at the innovation and community engagement that is at the foundation of our great organization and its transformation initiatives including Watson, AI, Data Science, and so much more!

    I am the P2P Transformation Lead for IBM Procurement Services-Delivery and we always have an abundance of projects/initiatives underway for which we are targeting the incorporation of Watson, deep analytics, and the data sciences.  This community will be a great resource for us to share some of the opportunities and challenges we face  Hopefully, we can crowdsource some ideas and resolutions while my team gladly contributes our experience and lessons learned to help others with their projects.

    It is a new day, a new world, and IBM is lighting the way!

    David W. Kovalcik