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Data Science extracts information from data

  • 1.  Data Science extracts information from data

    Posted Fri August 30, 2019 09:50 AM
    Data ScienceData Science is a study to extract useful information from the data which solves the real world problem. It is the way to get insights of data with the help of Machine Learning. Companies like Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple etc. are using data science to get the key information of users like interest, hobbies, choice, styles, needs and many more. These insights of data are very useful for big giants companies to update their products and services. They clearly understand that what customer wants to see, wants to buy, wants to listen, where to travel, what are their financial needs and many more. Now companies suggest and recommend to customer according to their past history data like movie recommendation, product suggestion, music recommendation, ads presentation, shortest path suggestion etc.
    Data Science Processing CycleData Science has a complete process cycle to get useful information from an enormous amount of data which solves the biggest real world problem. It has various stages of different operations to solve the problem.

    1. Define Business Problem 
    2. Data Gathering (Collection of data) 
    3. Data Filtering (Cleaning of data) 
    4. Data Analysis (Selection of Algorithm) 
    5. Data Modeling (Build a Model) 
    6. Visualization (Output Presentation) 
    7. Deployment (Deploy the Model) 

    Data Science solves so many real problem of world. Many companies like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, Uber etc. are using this technology to solve their problems and updates their product and services. Netflix Movies Recommendation, Spotify Music Recommendation, Amazon Product Suggestion, Google Ads Presentation are some real data science solution for the world.

    Mitesh Sharma

  • 2.  RE: Data Science extracts information from data

    Posted Tue November 12, 2019 10:26 AM
             Thank you Mitesh Sharma  for your amazing  Post on Data Science. Your article was very nice and it is very useful for me. it will definitely help me to learn Data Science.  keep posted article on Data Science.

    Akash Rajgure