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I am new into the topic, and need to start using Cognos Analytics (installed or online)

  • 1.  I am new into the topic, and need to start using Cognos Analytics (installed or online)

    Posted Tue January 19, 2021 12:57 PM
    Good evening, Everyone.

    I hope all is good with you, and everybody is safe and in great shape!

    My name is Asen, I am new into IBM- eco- system. and I need urgently to be able to practice concepts like:
    - Integrate the Cognos Analytics security model.
    - Define authentication and authorization in Cognos Analytics.
    - Describe the tasks required to administer Cognos Analytics server environment.
    - Manage dispatchers and associated services to improve load balancing.
    - Examine the log message facility for investigating error messages.
    - Tune performance of servers to improve efficiency.
    - Manage current, upcoming, and past activities.
    - Manage schedules to run reports when demands on the system are low.
    - Add a data source to the ITIL to run services that provide optimization techniques to improve performance.
    - Manage visualizations in the library.
    - Plan and perform a deployment.
    - Manage user profiles.
    - Manage packages through the Cognos Analytics portal, etc.

    I have an IBM- partner (teacher) account, and was able to download IBM Cognos Analytics - Architecture and Logging_B6019 from IBM site.
    My guess is, I need either to create a local instance of the Server (in VirtualBox, perhaps) or to use the Free Account so to be able to understand, and practice the concepts.
    I have done something for both :
    - I have the Important Setup Instructions for Overview of IBM Cognos Analytics (v11.0) downloaded, and started the install but I cannot find/download the needed :
    - DB2 Express Version 10.5 x 64,
    - IBM Data Studio 4.1.0 x 64,
    - IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0
    Will it be possible to help me out how to download them ?

    I also have set up a free for 30 days Cognos Analytics account which seems more reasonably to use.
    Will it be possible to help me find help- resources so to be able to perform the above- mentioned concepts ?

    Thank you, and Best Regards,


    Asen Grozdanov