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IBM Trial Browser Bug

  • 1.  IBM Trial Browser Bug

    Posted Thu April 28, 2022 08:58 AM
    I'm currently using IBM's 30-dsy trial. I tried creating a currency convertor bot, just like the guy does on one of the YouTube tutorials. But the script gives an error saying that the bot was unable to open the browser for the bot to retrieve the currency rates live.
    I'm using a Mac and am accessing IBM Studio through the makeshift-Windows remote accessibility. So I can't right click, for instance, on Chrome or on Edge to move them around to different folders to solve the issue that way -- I read somewhere on the Internet that if I move Chrome's installation package from Drive C to some other folder in drive C, the issue would be resolved. But as I said, I can't access the Control Panel, nor is there any Drive C on the Studio to begin with.
    Is there someone who could help me write the script in a way that the bot would easily open the browser?

    Bardia Eshghi