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How to Choose One of the Best Intranet Software Packages

By Eric Desuza posted 8 days ago


A few years ago, the intranet wasn’t a part of many organizations. A handful of companies that were using the platform didn’t use it for collaboration. Only the top management used it to spread information within an organization. Over time, the intranet has grown to become a private network that helps companies in collaboration, knowledge, and many other purposes that save time.     

Today, organizations worldwide have been using different types of intranet software packages to suit their unique requirements to improve productivity and promote collaboration in the workplace. Also, they customize and control the platform to suit specific needs and achieve objectives. 

There are countless intranet software options that can be chosen as per the requirements and features they have. However, choosing one among them is challenging in many ways, especially when you are getting it for the first time. Do you want it for collaboration? Who will be using the software? Will it also be used for knowledge sharing? These are some questions that may confuse you. 

Even if you have figured out your requirements, you may find it difficult to choose the best intranet software for your needs. Below are some tips that may help you in the process.

  • Types of Tools 

When your company doesn’t have an intranet solution, employees may be using different types of applications to communicate, share information, store documents, and develop a connection with remote employees. Switching between these apps is a time-consuming task. Also, maintaining them is a hectic process. 

Instead of filling your systems with dozens of apps and tools, choose an intranet solution that comes with all those features that help in collaboration, sharing information, and storing files. Before choosing the software, make sure it contains all those tools that connect remote employees with the main office and people there. Also, they should be allowed to work together and share knowledge over a private network.

  • Custom Solutions

A software package may have dozens of features, and many of them aren’t useful for a company. Apart from that, there are chances that a package doesn’t contain all those features that a company requires in its intranet solution. 

Here, you need to ensure that a product that you are purchasing can be customized to take care of your unique needs.  For example, if you want to connect employees from different branches to each other, then the intranet package you are planning to choose must have the facility to add this feature to the software. It must have some more off-shelf solutions, such as:

  • Group pages
  • Video player
  • Blogs
  • Newsfeed
  •  Flexibility and Control

A perfect intranet software solution is a platform that comes with the flexibility to make a company turn it into a useful tool to improve productivity. You must be allowed to control the software’s features. Apart from that, there must be some authorized members who decide how to use the platform. You, being the software’s owner, should be allowed to decide who will access its features and how. Apart from that, it’s your choice to add and remove people from the software. 

How to Buy Best Intranet Software Packages 

There are many intranet providers who claim to offer the best software solutions to meet your unique needs. Choose a service provider whose services suit your intranet requirements. Apart from that, the software must be accessed from any part of the world on all kinds of smart devices. Explore many options, analyze your needs, and choose an intranet package that fulfills all your software requirements and offers you the best features.