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Financial Crimes Webinars – Catalogue of Webinars 

Mon May 11, 2020 10:26 PM

List of Webinars (additional details below)

Data & AI Webinar and Video Resource Center- Financial Crimes/RegTech

Webinar Details:

1. Fighting Financial Crime and Fraud by Infusing AI and Intelligent Workflows presented at THINK 2020 -May 5,2020

The frequency of high-profile incidents, losses, and regulatory penalties makes it clear that financial institutions across the globe are dealing with systemic threats when it comes to financial crime. From payment fraud and money laundering to fraudulent insurance claims, these offenses not only create massive costs for organizations and their consumers, but also fuel criminal enterprises, including human trafficking, terrorism and drug cartels. Hear how innovative financial institutions are addressing these challenges using data and AI platforms, and what impact this new technology has had on not only financial organizations, but their customers as well.


  • David Marmer, Vice President, Offering Management, IBM
  • Norman Marraccini, Group Executive, SVP, Retail Digital Payments, ACH and Real Time Payments, FIDELITY INFORMATION SERVICES
  • David Rioux, Vice President Special Investigations, Erie Insurance Group
  • Constantin von Altrock, Director, Safer Payments, Data and AI, IBM

Replay available on demand:

 2. Fighting Financial Crime with AI -April 20,2020

Join us for an afternoon with senior IBM and financial crime executives while hearing about the changing perceptions of AI in the fight against financial crime as well as the real-life results achieved by similar institutions. Guest speakers will present current trends in financial crime as well as the latest innovations in AI, automation and advanced analytics. Discover how global financial institutions have stopped fraud and controlled AML and sanctions compliance by leveraging AI and automation to gain greater insight, make better decisions and reduce both time and wasted resources. Register here!

Session 1: The role of technology as the backbone of AML/KYC processes: Enabling a more intelligent approach to automating banks’ customer onboarding and AML workflows.


  • Kieran Beer, Chief Analyst, Director of Editorial Content, ACAMS
  • Julie Conroy, Research Director, Aite Group
  • Austin Wells, Financial Crimes Offering Management, IBM
  • Marc Murphy, CEO, Fenergo
Session 2: AI Innovation and Use Case Adoption in Financial Crimes: Practical ways FIs are leveraging AI in financial crimes.

  • David Marmer, VP, Offering Management, IBM
  • Clark Frogley, VP, Global Leader Financial Crime, IBM
  • Julie Conroy, Research Director, Aite Group
  • Michael Dawson, Managing Director, Promontory Financial Group
  • Donna Dillenberger, IBM Fellow, Enterprise Solutions, IBM Research
Session 3: AI in Financial Crime solution showcase: How FIs can operationalize AI throughout fincrimes operations with intelligent workflows

  • Daniel Nagle, Financial Crimes Global Technical Sales Leader
  • Julian Clarke, Global Head of Partners & Alliances,
  • Rob Stanich, Offering Manager, IBM Financial Crimes Insight
  • Guto Almeida, IBM Safer Payments Global Business Development Leader

3. Insurance Fraud: COVID-19 implications for claims fraud and readiness measures - April 29, 2020

We have assembled a select roundtable of recognized insurance counter-fraud experts, to share perspectives and recommendations on initial and then follow-on priority strategies, to reduce fraudulent claim losses in the response to COVID-19.


  • Frank Pinder, Director, WW Segment Leader, Insurance Financial Crimes
  • Joe Wehrle, CEO, National Insurance Crime Bureau
  • Matthew Smith, Executive Director, Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
  • Celeste Dodson,CPCU, MBA, FCLA, Vice President of the IASIU
  • Ben Fletcher, Director, UK Insurance Fraud Bureau
  • Tom Gardiner, Head of Fraud, Claims Recoveries & Risk, Aviva UK
  • Glen Marr, Financial Crimes Insurance Leader, UK & Europe
  • Wade Wickre, IBM Insurance Financial Crimes Leader for North America


4. IBM RegTech Virtual Summit- Financial Crimes & Payments Tracks available- April 15, 2020

Today’s business environment is defined by market volatility. See the sessions in this event and discover strategies and solutions designed to help improve business outcomes, navigate regulations, and transform business processes.  The keynote session addresses how financial institutions are coping with today’s new challenges. This event ran live on April 15, 2020.

Register Here:

5. Infusing AI and intelligent workflows to fight fraud faster as greater accuracy- March 24, 2020

Fraudulent payments are growing in volume and dollar amount as consumers embrace new payment options like real-time payments and person-to-person (P2P) payments. Fraud detection solutions currently in use and process workflows were not designed to meet the demands of these new payment channels resulting in low fraud detection and high false positives.

Financial institutions and payments processors are racing against time to deploy AI technologies and data science techniques to extend fraud management coverage to some of the most demanding payment environments across the globe by infusing AI and intelligent workflows. Hear from and discuss with experts who are driving such initiatives.


  • Rick Hoehne, Global Leader, Fraud and Financial Crimes IBM Global Business Services
  • Mike Sisk, Contributing Editor, Credit Union Journal


6. Top 3 use cases for AI in financial crime- March 10, 2020

Register here! Join IBM Financial Crime experts Clark Frogley and Daniel Nagle as they share:

  • Key reasons banks are looking to AI for AML, fraud and investigations
  • Real-life use cases and success stories from banks and insurers
  • Best places to start integrating AI into your programs


  • Clark Frogley, IBM Global Financial Crime Leader - AML, Sanctions, KYC
  • Daniel Nagle, IBM Financial Crimes Insight, Global Technical Sales Leader



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