Ashok Kumar

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1) Learning Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for three months now and I
touched a lot of topics neural
networks, Linear Algebra,Quantum Computing, Python, Python development using Jupypter Notebook,
Watson Studio, Google Colab and
2) Graduate with subjects like Math and Physics, so easily able to understand scientific
terms like TensorFlow,
Matrices, Vectors, Scalars, Trigonometry, Statistical terms etc.
3) Have around 12 years of experience in Java/J2EE technologies like Core Java, J2EE,
Spring, WebSphere
Application server, Rest Webservices and other Java Web technologies.
4) I have completed all the required trainings (Journey to Cloud, Artificial Intelligence) as
per my career level.
5) Perusing AI and Ml courses on online educations portals like Coursera, AI Academy,
Udemy, Khan Academy etc.
6) Submitted below ideas on IBM Idea Portal and will start working on them once I have
all the resources and
knowledge for the same.
➢ CA-I-2765 :- AI based irrigation system and pesticide application
➢ CAMGR-I-57 :- Create model for hybrid cloud which remembers its experience and
learn from it.It will
have vocal interface with languages Sanskrit and English.
8. Also got included in below IBM internal initiatives:
• Space Tech - Need help on UX_UI for 3D Globe and Data Science
• Join us to create an IBM Point of View on Responsible Systems for Trusted AI
• Analyse and Classify all internal support information into a single source of truth by
augmented validation and curation.