David Kovalcik, P2P Solutions & Technology Lead, IPS - Delivery

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IBM certified Senior Supply Chain Management Professional with 23 years in Strategy and Transformation for Procurement, Logistics and Fulfillment processes. Broad knowledge of supply chain management processes with extensive focus on process re-engineering, productivity and transaction automation aimed at reducing workload, improving turnaround times and optimizing compliance. Extreme expertise in both buy-side and sell-side catalog operations as well as advanced transaction automation for all workflow components and most categories within the Procurement S2P process.

Consulted for the executive teams of more than 25 high profile IBM customers on process automation, compliance assurance and cycle time reduction. Multiple awards and patent submission for innovative solutions and concepts designed to address complex & variable ordering methodologies resulting in the conversion of challenging manual processes to seamless, integrated and automated transactions. Developed and launched concepts that have resulted in hundreds of millions in hard savings across three consecutive three-year initiatives. An insightful, optimistic, thoughtful leader who motivates global teams to commit and excel for the achievement of exceptional results.