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Override DB Alias used in an Archive Action

  • 1.  Override DB Alias used in an Archive Action

    Posted Tue June 20, 2023 03:09 PM

    I'm working on a new Access Definition which will execute an Archive Action to invoke a stored procedure housed in a different DB Alias than the tables being archived in the AD.

    Is there a way to override the value of the DB Alias used in the archive action if it differs from the Default DB Alias?? 

    We override the Default DB Alias all the time as this allows use to use a single AD across various environments. However, if we can't override the DB Alias used in the Archive Action, then we will need to create separate versions of the same AD in each environment, which is fairly annoying.

    I have a feeling we can't override this DB Alias used for the Archive Action, but maybe there is something I'm missing? We are using Optim v11.3.8 on Windows.  

    Appreciate the help! 


    Keith Tidball
    Progressive Insurance