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Address Verification Interface (AVI) proper data flow?

  • 1.  Address Verification Interface (AVI) proper data flow?

    Posted Mon February 28, 2022 02:22 PM
     I am hoping to get some feedback from someone who has used the AVI stage with real world data. I am struggling to comprehend some of the decision making that this stage does. I have some cleaned address data that was run through various stages of address standardization as advised by eCapital. This data looks good and is usable via the AVI stage. I would like to pull parsed address information as well as geo coordinates using AVI. My initial line of thinking was that I should parse my standardized data via AVI, then run that data back through AVI for validation to get the geo coordinates, I would run that same parse data through AVI with the suggest method for manual review. The concern is that passing through the parsed fields and mapping into the AVI stage, limits the output fields to only the geo relevant fields. AVI Parse and Validate output mostly the same field names so those fields are not output 'again' per se from the validation process. That got me thinking that perhaps the validation process was all I needed to go against the standardized data. I tested this and found that, while AVI outputs the same fields when validating as it does when parsing, the fields don't necessarily parse as expected. For example, when parseing/validating canadian addresses, I am passing a country field with only values 'CA' which is mapped as COUNTRY to the AVI stage. When parsing via AVI it will parse this out as 'CANADA' to the COUNTRY_QSAV field, however when validating via AVI, that same COUNTRY_QSAVI field is blank. I assume this is working how its supposed to and I just need some input on the proper order of processing for data to get the best parsed address data that includes geo data. Thank you in advance!

    Jackson Eyton