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Think is coming! Nominations for Think Academy labs open April 15

  • 1.  Think is coming! Nominations for Think Academy labs open April 15

    Posted Wed April 07, 2021 11:21 AM
    Think Academy provides the deepest technical experience available at Think. Think Academy includes Instructor-Led Labs and IBM Garages that will only be available to attendees that are nominated.  For more details, visit IBM | Think 2021 curriculum.

    Data and AI labs scheduled: 

    • 2161 - Building Custom Asset Types in Watson Knowledge Catalog, Cheryl Howard
    • 2165 - Leverage the Top 3 AutoAI Skills to Cut Your Modeling Time in Half, Meredith Mante
    • 2179 - Data Science without a PhD featuring IBM SPSS Modeler, Jos den Ronden (EU)
    • 2184 - Modernization and Cloudification of a Data Lake, Andreas Weininger (EU)
    • 2187 - Stay ahead with Pacemaker - the new Db2 Cluster Manager for Automated Failover, Andreas Christian (NA, EU)
    • 2189 - Trust and Bias Risk Mitigation in AI with Watson OpenScale, Omer Poyraz
    • 2192 - Build your first Edge AI App with IBM Research Edge AI SDK, Nirmit Desai
    • 2193 - From Design to build to execute in under 2 hours - enterprise-grade rapid cloud-native development, Thomas Bohn
    • 2197 - Building Advanced Text Understanding Applications with Project Debater APIs, Yoav Katz
    • 2221 - Federated Learning learn how it can help you train AI models collaboratively to get better insights, Ivan Portilla
    • 2223 - For Coders and Non-Coders: Break into Deep Learning with Python and IBM Watson Studio, Alex Amari
    • 2229 - Cognos Analytics:  AI Infused Data Discovery with Dashboards, Julie Nelson
    • 2230 - Automate your chemistry lab with AI and Cloud to accelerate the discovery of new materials, Angela Harp (EU)
    • 2232 - Explore quick Z data access with Cloud Pak for Data and Db2 for z/OS Data Gate, Martin Schneider
    • 2233 - How to assess and certify a model's fairness, robustness, explainability, and privacy, Moninder Singh
    • 2234 - Quickly Deliver A Digital Twin of your Customers for Insights, Simulations and What-if Analysis, Beth Ackerman
    • 2250 - Smarter Assistants erstellen mit IBM Watson in der IBM Cloud, Felix Augenstein
    • 2263 - Is your data ready for AI?, Hima Patel
    • 2265 - DataStage SaaS: Designing cloud-native trusted data piplines in a modern, open-source web canvas, Scott Brokaw

    • 2167 - Experimenting with quantum computing by making games, Leonid Leiva Ariosa
    • 2207 - Explore Quantum Computing with Serious Games, Jan-Rainer Liahmann


    • Explore the future of Quantum development with OpenShift Operator for Qiskit, Troy Jensen
    • The Wonderful World of Wazi: Cloud Native developer experience for hybrid applications, Troy Jensen
    • Cloud-Native Java Made Easy with MicroProfile and Jakarta EE, Troy Jensen
    • Hands on modern integration with Cloud Pak for Integration
    • Successfully deploy models to the edge using IBM Edge Application Manager workload orchestration
    • A scalable open source (Trusted AI) Computer Vision pipeline for health care
    • Build & Deploy AI/ML Models with Multiple Datasets with AutoAI
    • Project layout and best practices for authoring Tekton Pipelines in IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery
    • IBM Cloud Code Engine, Hands-On Lab, Doug Davis
    • Build a microservices-based distributed cloud app with IBM Cloud Satellite

    Visit the other communities to find their Think Academy labs and certifications: Security, Cloud, Automation, Supply Chain, Business Operations and more. 

    If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone else for Think Academy labs, join this discussion, share who and what you'd like to be nominated for, and stay tuned for updates!

    Isaiah Brown