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ibm data server driver + multiple connection managers

  • 1.  ibm data server driver + multiple connection managers

    IBM Champion
    Posted Mon November 27, 2023 03:39 PM


    I already asked this on whatsapp - let's try here :)
    Does anyone use drda connection to group of connection managers? here is my connection string:
    <add name="name2" connectionString="Server=IPADDRESS:PORT;User ID=user;Password=password;Database=mydb;Persist Security Info=True;" providerName="Base.InformixDatabase" />
    and it can connect directly to drda listener at db server. But what when i have sqlhosts like this:
    drda_grp     group    -            -      c=1,e=cm3_drd_sla
    cm2_drd_sla  drsoctcp  9089   g=drda_grp
    cm3_drd_sla  drsoctcp  9089   g=drda_grp
    and cm2/3 are listening on 9089 for drda connections
    I used once ibm data server driver and it is not relaying on sqlhosts - just data in conn string

    Although, documentation states it is using sqlhosts: Configuring connectivity between Informix database servers and IBM Data Server clientsg


    Hrvoje Zokovic