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Sterling business process queues are not getting cleared

  • 1.  Sterling business process queues are not getting cleared

    Posted Sat November 25, 2023 12:32 AM

    Hi All,

    We are facing issues with SBI business process queues, the business process are waiting on IO and not getting executed.

    Checked the logs however no errors in the logs or at the DB level.

    Can someone please help on how to fix this issue?

    Really appreciate your help.

    Shankar Somatkar

  • 2.  RE: Sterling business process queues are not getting cleared

    Posted Tue November 28, 2023 11:04 AM


    Your question is extremely vague and more detail is really needed to give much troubleshooting help.

    You need to narrow down where the problem is occurring, here are some troubleshooting steps that I take for queue issues:

    Some things to consider:
    Are any jobs getting time in that queue?
     - is this localized to just one queue or all of them?
     - One queue is an indicator of queue setup or BP setup of those BPs assigned to that queue
    Is it just one type of job that is not getting time in the queue?
     - This is an indication of a problem with a particular BP.  
         Check the BPML
         Check the paramaters you set up for the BP
         Check the error logs
    Do your queues eventually clear?  If so, approximately how long does it take?
    Are any other BPs taking a long time in the queue?
     - You can use the queue watcher to see how much processing time BPs have had
     - if one instance of one BP is getting a lot of time on the queue and not finishing, it is an indication of a very specific problem with that instance.
    I have personally found that if you search the log files with a search program (I use AgentRansack) you can come up with some useful clues to the issue.  I find it hard to use the dashboard UI to search log files because the interface only show so many lines.  It is much faster to have a text search program show you all files with "Error" or Your BP name in them.  It narrows down which log files to look in.
    Good Luck, Mary

    Mary DeGroot