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  • 1.  SFTP Put Service failing with error "No Such file"

    Posted Mon October 09, 2023 12:53 PM

    Hello team,

    We've been trying to send a file to a customer on his SFTP remote directory. First the file is placed in SI mailbox folder and routing rules are responsible for invoking the BP to send out the files.  Our BP is able to connect to customer's SFTP, it's also able to begin session, Do, change directory (CD operation) but when it comes to SFTP Put service, it is failing. I have verified the primary document exist and customer also confirmed that highest privilege 777 has been assigned to the folder. Not sure what is going wrong in the execution. Can somebody help me to get this fixed? Many thanks in advance.

    		<operation name="SFTP Client PUT Service">
    			<participant name="SFTPClientPut"/>
    			<output message="SFTPClientPutServiceTypeInputMessage">
    				<assign to="." from="*"/>
    				<assign to="RemoteFileName" from="if(string-length(/ProcessData/newfilename) &gt; 0,string(/ProcessData/newfilename),string(DocumentName))"/>
    				<assign to="ResponseTimeout" from="string(gen_ftp/ResponseTimeout)"/>
    				<assign to="SessionToken" from="string(SFTPClientBeginResults/SessionToken)"/>
    			<input message="inmsg">
    				<assign to="SFTPClientPUTResults" from="*"/>

    Jaybharat Vishwakarma

  • 2.  RE: SFTP Put Service failing with error "No Such file"

    Posted Mon October 30, 2023 03:41 PM


    SFTP Put service failure could be due to various factors. Ensure correct file permissions, review RemoteFileName, and ResponseTimeout settings, and check for any error logs. Further investigation may be needed.

    Jaybharat Vishwakarma."

    Jordan Smith

  • 3.  RE: SFTP Put Service failing with error "No Such file"

    Posted Wed November 01, 2023 04:30 PM

    Have you tried connecting to the remote server outside of SI? Either winscp or FileZilla or even command line linux (if SI install is on Linux) - should this not work outside of SI then I would reach out to the partner to re-review the remote user account settings and/or ask them to validate themselves with the remote userID provided to you. 

    Paul Pham