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Welcome to the Community Group for Maximo Integration and Scripting.

This group is managed by the Maximo Integration and Scripting teams. The purpose of this group is to share and facilitate the exchange of information in order to maximize your use of Maximo's Integration and Scripting capabilities.

In the Library tab of this group, use the Folder view to search and access content for Integration and Scripting.  Postings cover features, configuration and links to additional content related both topics. Note: Relevant content that previously resided in the Maximo Wiki (developerWorks) is being moved to this Community Group (in-progress as of mid-March 2020).

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  • Posted in: Maximo Integration

    The Inspection Result should be created automatically for you by Maximo when you associate an Inspection Form to a Work Order. You can then use the MXAPIINSPRESULT object structure to interact with the inspection result that was created (e.g. see questions ...

  • Posted in: Maximo Integration

    I finally got it working. I had x-method-override and patchtype only in request's parameters, not in headers as they should be. ------------------------------ Hannu Niittymaa IBM Helsinki ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Maximo Integration

    There are two ways you can Invoke the Invocation Channel. 1. You can create an Action and put the Invocation Channel details in that Action application. Then create a sig option to call the action. Below is the Link to enter the details of Invocation ...

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  • I've been asked a few times for how to enable multi-select with automation scripts so I wanted to document it in a blog post for others to find. I'm going to provide a little background and then provide an end to end example on how to configure. Background: ...

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  • This started as a customer idea ( The customer requirement was to support activating or completing a PM based on another PM. While the Maximo for Transportation industry solution offers this functionality, ...

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