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IBM® Maximo® is an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software system enabling you to manage all of your assets!

Within this sub-community, you’ll find detailed information within the Library, Blog and Discussion sections on Maximo’s

 .  Asset, work, inventory and more features and functionality

 .  Configuration features including Application Designer and Database Configuration

 .  Industry Solutions – including Utilities, Linear, Service Provider

 .  Best Practices and Performance Information

And lots more!


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  • Posted in: Maximo EAM

    Hi Andrew, I thought the CANAUTONUM field would get set to read only if the that field was flagged as an auto number field the Organization setup. The PLUSCTEMPLATE.TEMPLATEID is the same as ASSET.TEMPLATEID, which has a default autonumber setup at the ...

  • Posted in: Maximo EAM

    Hi Andrew. Can autonumber will be read only (at least) in these cases: When the Type is not one of these ALN, UPPER, LOWER, INTEGER, SMALLINT, BIGINT, DECIMAL, FLOAT or AMOUNT. When the attribute name ends in _LONGDESCRIPTION. And as you guessed, ...

  • Posted in: Maximo EAM

    Does anyone know the logic for why the attribute MAXATTRIBUTECFG.CANAUTONUM is set to read-only for existing attributes. Is it that it can only be set on User Defined fields? For example, in an Asset Template the key field PLUSCTEMPLATE.TEMPLATEID has ...

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