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Maximo Licenses needed for Integration to Mobile Devices

  • 1.  Maximo Licenses needed for Integration to Mobile Devices

    Posted Fri February 11, 2022 01:03 PM
    Edited by David Miller Fri February 11, 2022 01:31 PM
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    Can anyone help us to understand Maximo Licensing when it comes to Integration. Confused with both the Legacy models and the new Token/Point Licensing for 7612 which we can now use MAS Licensing as I understand.

    If we are using a 3rd Party Mobile device (Click Software from Salesforce) to integrate to Maximo how do we determine the licenses needed for the devices to update Work Orders and Create Locations?

    • If it's a direct integration would it be driven by the modules you are writing to (i.e ASSETS, WORK ORDER and INVENTORY modules would count as 3 modules and be a LIMITED License? Or is use of a service account allow us to get away with no extra licenses needed except one full for the service account?)
    • If we have Click speak to a middleware like BizTalk or IBM Msg Broker would we need no licenses for mobile devices as a service account would be used to talk to the middleware and thereby never really using any Maximo account at all???

    This link leads to much confusion

    Token licensing for Maximo systems (

    When it says
    "No tokens are consumed for Maximo integration framework users for any Maximo product if the user logs in to a Maximo system as part of an automated process."

    Can anyone shed light on this? The attached image from IBM implies that a 3rd Party Mobile product would require a Limited User license but I am thinking this is oriented to EZMax which uses a Maximo like app that has WO, ASSET, LOCATIONS etc.. Apps that match Maximo. Also I fall back to what happens when using middleware and never directly connecting to Maximo for Integration????

    On top of all this we are also using Spatial functionality from ESRI on the mobile devices (not actually tied to Maximo spatial functionality but will send Lat/Long info on transactions being interfaced) and I just cant see how that can push us to needing a "Base User" License because of Spatial functionality but am I wrong?



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