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Industry Accelerators for Cloud Pak for Data - overview 

Thu July 11, 2019 06:04 AM

Each industry accelerator is designed to help you solve a specific business problem, whether it's preventing credit card fraud in the banking industry or optimizing the efficiency of your contact center.

In general, each accelerator includes a business glossary that consists of terms and categories. The terms and categories provide meaning to the accelerator and act as the information architecture for the accelerator. Without this architecture, it would be difficult to extract meaning from your data.

Many accelerators also include data science assets that are designed to work with the terms in the glossary. The sample data science assets make it easy to analyze your data. You can use the sample data that is provided to get a sense of how the data science assets work. But to truly make use of the accelerator, connect the assets to your enterprise data sources.



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24 days ago

@FEDERICO MUÑOZ PARDO Click on the title of the accelerator. It gives a full page about it.​

25 days ago

yes, but in the next page only appears a few lines for each one. I was expecting aditional details. I would like to see the models or other info, just to explain more in detail to customers.​

25 days ago

@FEDERICO MUÑOZ PARDO, Click on Learn more...​

26 days ago

Where are the links to the different industry accelerators for CP4D?