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Shared data between case activities

  • 1.  Shared data between case activities

    IBM Select
    Posted Fri August 20, 2021 06:38 AM

    What are our options for sharing data between different case activities that are implemented as BPMN processes?

    Case properties are currently limited to the level of complexity of the data to be represented. We will therefore not use case properties to represent complex data, but only simple data types that will be propagated for access at case level, such as for search indexing, lists and case detail.

    This leaves us with the following options for storing case information to be shared between activities:
    1. Shared Business Object where the key is stored in the case properties and sent to the case that needs access.
    2. Same as above but an external storage (ex Redis) of the data and a key that is handled at the case level.
    3. Store a blob of data, represented as a string at the case level that can be distributed by the case to each activity who will deserialize/serialize it to/from the case instance.
    We will have concurrency and data life cycling problems regardless of the solution above, as long as we cannot be offered complex data structures at the case level.

    How do you think about this?