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Auto AI Tool

  • 1.  Auto AI Tool

    Posted Sat March 20, 2021 05:52 PM

    Hello community of leaders, my question is actually referencing the auto AI tool in the automation of data preparation.

    As a tool in Watson Studio, I'm aware of the fact that it simplifies the AI life-cycle management cycle.  I'm also aware that the auto AI tool has won prestigious design awards.  I'm aware of its capacity to automate data preparation, model development, hyper-parameter optimization, and feature engineering.  I'm aware that it can also be utilized with Watson OpenScale to measure or track AI outcomes.

    What are some of the misconceptions about the tool in terms of performance?  Is there anything this tool can't do so when it comes to automation users will have to seek out additional automation and life-cycle management products or services to execute and finalize their project workflows. (please include in your response required dependencies, etc., if needed).

    Yvonne R. McGinnis
    DevOps (hopeful), Systems Administration
    Obama Foundation, Chicago
    Chicago Cato, Illinois

  • 2.  RE: Auto AI Tool

    Posted Mon March 22, 2021 10:15 AM

    That is a good start. Just with any other tool automation, clear requirements and upfront effort estimation is the key. Specific use cases for select industries and even clients can vary significantly. I had tried the early versions of the Watson Studio. It has come a long way. The key dependencies are public cloud, level of customization, and the ability to integrate with the client's current technologies. Keep in touch and we can explore other challenges. Thank You.