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IBM VMware Cloud advantages

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    Posted Tue November 24, 2020 10:31 AM
    IBMers and IBM partners,

    I am glad to join this community forum with its focus on VMware on IBM Cloud. Here are a few thoughts that might help win some new deals:

    IBM VMware Cloud is a full implementation of the VMware application stack. When competing with AWS or Dell EMC this is an important distinction. AWS and Dell implement the VMware vCloud platform, not the full VMware Cloud Foundation that you will find on IBM Cloud. VMware vCloud provides a subset of the VMware application stack and not the full set of applications that you will find in on-premise applications. Use this in your presentations to prospective customers.

    IBM VMware Cloud implements the ESXi hypervisor. AWS and Dell vCloud do not. VMware has gained widespread accolades for the security of the applications built on top of vSphere and ESXi. Your customers expect to have the same architecture in the cloud. And you can assure them that IBM VMware Cloud delivers on this.

    Many large enterprise customers are concerned about security, and about sharing encryption keys with the cloud service provider. Because IBM VMware Cloud is based on the full implementation of VMware, you can integrate third party key management systems (KMS) with vSphere. This is especially important to companies in the financial services sector. You can deploy VMware solutions on the IBM VMware Cloud using the IBM key manager, or third party key managers (we have one). This is an important win point for IBMers and IBM partners.

    We can help you win business for IBM VMware Cloud. Our key management solution, Alliance Key Manager, is certified by IBM and VMware. It is FIPS 140-2 compliant and carries an PCI Data Security Standard validation. More information here:

    Alliance Key Manager for IBM Cloud for VMware | Encryption Key Management, Cloud Security, Data Protection
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    Alliance Key Manager for IBM Cloud for VMware | Encryption Key Management, Cloud Security, Data Protection
    Encryption and Key Management on IBM Cloud for VMware As VMware users turn to IBM Cloud, they bring their sensitive data with them - customer names, email addresses and other personally identifiable information (PII). While compliance regulations require protecting this information, encrypting this data has been a challenge for organizations who want the flexibility and security of a native VMware encryption key manager.
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    I look forward to helping you close more business with IBM VMware Cloud!

    Patrick Townsend
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    Patrick Townsend
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