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How to import the reporting templates and themes (11.0.6+)

By Business Solutions posted Wed March 22, 2017 01:10 PM


IBM Cognos Analytics includes several report templates and color themes that you can choose from when you create a new report. If you only see two templates when you create a new report (see image below), ask your administrator to import the deployment file into Cognos Administration.

The templates and themes are stored in the deployment file. Here is a video that explains how to find and import the deployment file:

You can select only the Templates folder during the import process if you don't want to include all of the samples.

Create your own Templates & Themes

You can also create your own report templates and themes, and make them available to other users. Save your templates with a unique name to the Templates folder under Team content, and the themes to the Style Reference Reports folder under the Templates folder. Best Practice: When saving, do not use the same name as an existing Cognos template or theme because it may be over-written when your product is upgraded to a higher version. Any report or theme that is saved in the Templates folder appears in the list of templates or themes when you create a new report.


By default, templates or themes that you create are identified by a blank icon in the list of available templates and themes. You can associate your own icon to a template or theme. Save the icon as an SVG with the same name as the template or theme, replacing any blank spaces in the name with the underscore (_) character. For example, if you create a template that is named My template, save the icon as My_template.svg. Then, ask your administrator to add the icon to the folder <install_location>\webcontent\bi\pat\images\templateReports for templates or <install_location>\webcontent\bi\pat\images\themeReports for themes.

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