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30 years of IT professional. Founded internet service provider back in 1989, the year that Tim Berners-Lee proposed the WWW. Working with Cognos products for almost 20 years. Ralf contributed to the HTML-Item comeing into the product. Cognos honored Ralf and his friend Jochen, with a performance star back in 2006. In 2018 Ralf presented @Miami University and 2019 @Think, San Francisco "The super fast and sexy dashboard for any device". The performance enhancements from 11.0 to 11.1 are mainly due this. Ralf is the managing partner of AMVARA CONSULTING. Ralf and his team have been doing consulting for some very wellknown companies world wide in the automotive, finance and insurance, chemicals and other sectors. His team has been engaged for firefighting situations with performance and configuration issues as well as longterm relationships for run and maintenance of Cognos shared-service platforms. Everything they do is of extra high quality and automization. For 2021 Ralf whises that skins and corporate fonts will make it into the Cognos product. Visual and Functional Regression Testing of IBM Cognos products with excellence is the latest project of Ralf's Team. Pls see Hard-Core anything. XXX.