Brad Molzen

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Business Analytics. Data Science. Machine Learning. Artificial Intelligence. These are some of the things used to create competitive advantage by helping companies realize the value of their data. When properly used, these technologies help people of any skill set or role of an organization make faster and more confident decisions at the point of impact where it matters the most.

My name is Brad Molzen, and I am a Worldwide Technical Sales Leader for Data & AI at IBM, specializing in AI infused offerings such as Cognos Analytics. My breadth of skills started simply with desktop support so many years ago, but quickly led towards a learning trajectory focused around two concepts: How businesses use data to affect positive change, and the platforms and solutions that support that use. Those solutions include everything you think it might, from desktop applications to networking and client/server applications, to databases and ETL tools, and of course Business Analytics and Data Science platforms that now include AI infused everywhere.

At IBM, my first passion is to help corporations with their own innovative data and analysis strategies during their journey to AI. When you have data that is properly collected, organized, analyzed, and then infused into the business at the point of impact where it matters most, real innovation in their analytics will occur. Then success can be measured by the positive impact on the business.

Some corporations are just starting out, and some are well on their way. Discussing the solutions, architectures, and Data & AI strategies that fit into an organizations existing ecosystem to put organizations ahead of the pack is one of my favorite things to do.