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Tansportable executable on PA Cloud

  • 1.  Tansportable executable on PA Cloud

    Posted Tue November 15, 2022 02:03 PM
    Hello !

    With PA cloud environment, I need to know how can make thes actions :
      - send an email
      - get and put files via FTP, FTPS, or SFTP
      - zip or unzip  files

    With IBM documentation (Planning Analytics on Cloud - SMTP (send email) process using Powershell script) (Doc 1115787) I know how send email

    With internet documentation, I know how use FTP and FTPS wirh a powershell script ( call via TI process )

    For zip/unzip and FTPS, I purpose to use 7zip.exe and putty psftp.exe, I have only top copy to shared folder and they will bu usable via Process TI (executeCommande srcript)  but a friend of mine say "Be carreful ! you are not allowed to use external executable, it will cause a disrupt of offered services".

    I said : "IF .... I build java classes, drop them into shared folders and call them through executeJavaS in a TI" it is permited and I don't see différence between use of javaclass and use of transportable executable.

    What is the official IBM position about my problematic ?


    Philippe CHAMPLEBOUX