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Save version value and formula for calculated cells

  • 1.  Save version value and formula for calculated cells

    Posted Wed November 16, 2022 11:12 AM
    In PA we can use Trace cell to see the formula that is behind the caluclations in calculated cells. I am working in a regulatory environment where all versions of budget has to be saved with calculations at that point in time. So, based on that I was wondering if I can use TI script or other methods to get the calculations formula that is behind every calculated cell in a cube that has value and store that with the version value.
    Is this something that is possible? ... and also - Has anyone better approce to storing versions values with the calculation information?

    Hallbjorn Bjornsson


  • 2.  RE: Save version value and formula for calculated cells

    Posted Thu November 17, 2022 05:34 PM
    This is a very interesting question.  My first thought was 'just save the rule file with a name that reflects the version number'.  Personally I use git to save versions if any rule changes are applied.
    However, I use conditional rules extensively on areas of cubes, and this means that you need to know other data values (usually in another cube) to determine which rule actually applies to the given cell.  Even with the 'Trace Rules' it returns every rule applied to the specific area that you are tracing, and you have to determine which part of the rule was applied.
    I would be interested to hear others approach to this, if any.

    Craig Sawers