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How Digital Tools Can Ensure Functional and Business Fluidity During Tough Times

  • 1.  How Digital Tools Can Ensure Functional and Business Fluidity During Tough Times

    Posted Fri August 07, 2020 04:04 AM

    During the current lockdown, the problems and challenges that are being thrown at building owners and operators are completely unforeseen. Facility teams overseeing different types of buildings, across all sectors are coping with stressful obstacles which are far from the regular norms of business.

    For the facility teams governing critical operations, ensuring that all processes are running smoothly is even more important for the well-being of the occupants and the societies they support. Meanwhile, for other industrial buildings, operators need to adapt, continuing to run operations safely and comfortably for a lessened staff of essential onsite workers.

    To help tackle these challenges of ensuring a smooth flow of functionality across facilities under these conditions, digital tools can offer support. Smart building technology and the Internet of Things result in greater visibility, greater control, along with the support of remote services. Here are some examples: 

    Digitisation Helps Propel Resiliency 

    Condition-based monitoring is now possible. Thanks to innovation-driven connected devices like smart power meters and building controls, along with software-based analytics developed by power management and building management software. They help predict potential haphazard in important electrical and HVAC equipment, using powerful software to prioritise and recommend immediate actions. Armed with this ability, facility teams can warrant that electrical networks are performing flawlessly, and airflows are enough for the comfort of onsite individuals, without compromising on protection.

    Regulating Costs 

    Digitisation helps lower and regulate operational costs with the help of facility-wide examination of electrical system and loads, including HVAC, lighting, amongst others. Recording energy meter consumption patterns can disclose pockets of opportunity, for example, pinpointing non-critical equipment that can be shut down. Digitisation can also help in evaluating the equipment conditions in terms of critical maintenance needs, allowing technicians to act efficiently to negate or avoid disruptions.

    Ensuring Operations Even with Less Resources

    With the help of digital innovations, you can direct up to 70% of your building operations through remote control switch. This function is imperative in maintaining a regular business flow during any crisis. In a lockdown like this, entry into facilities may be severely restricted, which means that work processes and functions of service personnel should be as efficient and organised as possible. This is where the role of digital power management and building management solutions comes into play. Once performing their tasks, the service team will be better organised with a diverse range of diagnostic information, to aid them in swiftly locating equipment and therefore reducing the time to perform the required maintenance.

    Implementing cloud-based analytic tools, service providers can efficiently locate, prioritise, and coordinate emergency repairs and maintenance to guarantee each facility continues to run safely and cost-effectively. #SchneiderElectric is a leading brand offering digitised solutions such as industrial automation, smart grids, IoT-enabled management systems, amongst others. #LifeIsOn.

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