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PAW Layout and positioning

  • 1.  PAW Layout and positioning

    Posted Tue June 08, 2021 09:21 AM
    I recently upgraded to BA-PAWL-2.0.63

    There is a change in how the tables/grids are aligned to the left and bottom of a book or a tab. I have tried all the possibilities on the "Layout and positioning" but with no luck.

    The grid is supposed to stretch to all sides as before.

    Also, a table should resize with the browser window as before, showing the table scrollbars on the right and the bottom. Now I have to use the browser's scrollbar and scroll to the bottom before I can scroll to the right in a table.

    How can I correct this?

    Thanks, Asgeir

    Asgeir Thorgeirsson

  • 2.  RE: PAW Layout and positioning

    Posted Wed June 09, 2021 03:54 AM
    Hi Asgeir

    I assume you are using one of the templates that resize otherwise you can change the template for the individual tabs.

    I also have to play around the various layout and positioning settings to get things exactly as I want them. I often use the relative positioning and turn off the 'snap to object' which allows for an independent placement of objects when I don't need the objects to align.

    Jesper Poulsen