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Access to more than 24 Application Tiles

  • 1.  Access to more than 24 Application Tiles

    Posted Fri July 09, 2021 09:05 AM
    Is there any way to get more than 24 application tiles to display, for instance a multiple page selector.

    We have lots of demo assets for different industry sectors and cross business applications and have exceeded 24 applications, but there doesn't seem to be a Page 1, 2 etc.

    Have tried flagging applications as favorites so we can get some of the overflow onto that tab too, but they don't appear there either and it looks really clunky in a demo to go into Applications and Plans to choose a demo asset from a list.

    Mark White

  • 2.  RE: Access to more than 24 Application Tiles

    Posted Mon July 12, 2021 09:34 AM
    Hi Mark,

    24 tiles is the current limit on the Workspace home page.  If the user has more than 24 Applications and/or Plans they will need to access some of those Plans and Applications from the Applications and Plans content navigation page.

    We are considering enhancement requests to the Workspace home page that would allow for some control over which Applications and Plans are displayed.  Folders in the Application and Plans content navigation page are also being considered.

    Stuart King
    IBM Planning Analytics Offering Manager