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Vendor-Specific MDM Deprecation Notice

By Tim Aston posted Tue June 22, 2021 11:47 AM

Mobile devices, mobile operating systems and mobile device management solutions (MDM) have evolved considerably over the past few years. Both Apple and Google have incorporated many enterprise-grade features natively into their mobile OSes during this time. Features such as full-device encryption, and remote wiping of managed devices. As such, it is no longer necessary for developers of enterprise mobile apps to leverage vendor-specific APIs from MDM providers in order to provide similar features.

Therefore, we are announcing that we are removing vendor-specific support for Blackberry Dynamics and MobileIron MDM solutions from our IBM Cognos Analytics Reports mobile app. This should result in no significant loss of functionality or user impact.

Users of the “Cognos Mobile BB Dynamics” will need to switch to the “IBM Cognos Analytics Reports” app from the Apple App Store. These 2 apps are equivalent from a functional and user experience perspective. You may need to update your allow lists in BlackBerry Dynamics to make this app available to your managed users. In the future, the Cognos Mobile BB Dynamics app will be removed from the Apple App Store.

Customers that have enabled the MobileIron support for the IBM Cognos Analytics Reports can disable that setting by going into the “Settings” app on iOS/iPad OS and then tap on “IBM Cognos Analytics Reports” where the MobileIron setting can be toggled off. This setting will be removed altogether in a future release of the app.

Customers enjoy using our mobile apps with a variety of MDM solutions, including IBM MaaS360. In general, MDM products are designed to work with any publicly available mobile app, and modern mobile OSs have built-in enterprise-grade security.

IBM Cognos Analytics Reports app in the App Stpre

Vendor-Specific MDM Deprecation Notice for IBM Cognos Analytics Mobile Reports