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Getting started in Planning Analytics Workspace

By CHARLIE LE posted Tue November 26, 2019 03:49 PM

Maybe the company you work for recently adopted IBM Planning Analytics Workspace. Maybe you've just started a new job that already uses the product. Or maybe you're just trying it out to see what it can do for you. Whatever the reason, here are some great videos to help you start analyzing expenses in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace.

1. Creating a new book

Creating a new book in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace provides you with a place to contain your data. In this tutorial, you'll be creating a new TM1 book that focuses on your business expenses.

Full tutorial

2. Creating an expense plan

Now that you have your book, it's time to create an expense plan using a view. A view enables you to look at a set of multidimensional data in a particular way. You can create your own views from scratch in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace, but in this tutorial, you'll be using an existing view and then customizing it to your needs.

Full tutorial

3. Checking a value

This next task is only for the purposes of the tutorial. Since throughout these tutorials you've been using sample data, which many people have also used, you need to ensure that a specific cell value is correct before moving on. This task will also introduce you to some pretty awesome features such as Snap Commands, which will allow you to perform common tasks quickly by typing simple commands.

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4. Planning the advertising and marketing budget

Every successful business needs some advertising and marketing right? In this tutorial, you'll learn how to adjust the advertising and marketing budget in your expense plan using data holds. By using data holds on consolidated values, you can modify the value of any member in the consolidation without changing the the consolidated value. All other members in the consolidation are automatically and proportionally adjusted. No need to worry about going over budget now!

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5. Working with scorecards

In this video, you'll create a book, then add a scorecard and an impact diagram to explore the relationships among metrics. You'll also set up synchronization between these two visualizations and update the targets for the metrics.

Full tutorial

And that's it. That wasn't so hard. You're now on your way to becoming an IBM Planning Analytics Workspace pro.



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