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Message to Community - Congratulations 2021 IBM Champions

By Marius Ciortea posted Thu February 11, 2021 12:52 PM

To Our Community,

With the start of a new year comes the designation of a new class of IBM Champions, and I wanted to take this opportunity to echo Program Director Libby Ingrassia's message of congratulations to the 735 members of the IBM Champions class for 2021! For those unfamiliar with the program, IBM Champions are technical thought leaders who go above and beyond to educate, influence, and mentor others on all things IBM and are an integral part of the success and health of the IBM Community. We celebrate our IBM Champions for their hard work and dedication for continually driving the IBM Community to new heights, and this year more than ever, our site will leverage the incredible potential of the IBM Champions to make this a premier space for learning and collaboration for IBM customers and business partners. For all of us, these IBM Champions serve as invaluable wellsprings of knowledge and expertise that answer some of your most challenging questions, host some of our best webcasts, write incredible blogs, and so much more. The program also provides the Champions with a platform to share the work they do evangelizing IBM and to spread their ideas on the cutting edge of today's technology landscape.

I encourage you all to find ways to interact with and get to know our IBM Champions better using the database hosted on the IBM Champion's site and in the Community Champions directory. You'll find them actively engaging in each of your Communities, but you can also learn more about them on the official homepage for the IBM Champions in the IBM Community. Additionally, you can easily recognize IBM Champions by the badges included in their profiles, as seen here under Danielle's profile picture.

You can hear from them firsthand in the ongoing Public Cloud IBM Champions Speaker Series and throughout the year, you'll see Spotlights on them pop up across all our communities that will serve as opportunities to get to know them and their work better, such as Gregor Frimodt-Møller's in the IBM Security Community or Nir Kaldero's in the IBM Data Science Community. They are some of the brightest minds around IBM and are not only incredible people to learn from and create with, but are also incredible simply as human beings, and I can't wait to work with them this year.

Are you interested in becoming an IBM Champion yourself in 2022 or do you have someone in mind you could nominate? Keep a close eye on the official Twitter account for the IBM Champions and stayed tuned for communications about this process throughout the year in the Community. In the meantime, I look forward to sharing this space with you all this year and seeing you someday in the future during better times.


Marius Ciortea

IBM Chief Community Officer