Robotic Process Automation

Connect any RPA or Automtion into one Dashboard 

22 days ago

As an enterprise or automation team we identified different types of automation from simple desktop automation to cognitive elaborate automation, all of these solutions work on a different technology platform or even network, making it impossible to have visibility of the full picture for RPA, or Scripts solutions running in a multilayered company or enterprise, where different solutions can be running from an analyst to a complete business unit level at any time. As companies and teams move constantly on automation solutions is hard to identified the benefit that an automation provides on an ongoing basis, and even more difficult to understand the power of an enterprise vs a desktop automation and how they can coexist or one can replace the other one.

The Automation Discovery logs solution drives to create Business Intelligence connections and understanding to all levels of automation, by proposing a solution based on a system and a digital signature to all type of automation from desktops to enterprise it receives and processes on an ongoing basis the output results of the solutions running into an object storage for any business to drive insight and evaluate there current level for automation in their business or enterprise, in an automated and user friendly manner capturing the key performance indicators for each automation solution, regardless the technology use, from Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions to desktop script solutions.

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