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How to invoke Datacap from BAW

  • 1.  How to invoke Datacap from BAW

    Posted Fri December 01, 2023 09:14 PM

     We have a requirement to offer the capability to scan both sides of some documents and save them as a single document in BAW screen by invoking DataCap –My question is what's the best practice to achieve this and How to invoke Datacap from BAW?

    Sameera Wijayarathne
    Sri Lanka

  • 2.  RE: How to invoke Datacap from BAW

    Posted Sat December 02, 2023 06:58 AM


    I have 2 ways in mind,

    1. Start scenario from running datacap application which will scan documents and then export to filenet which will run subscription of documents.
        to start workflow on BAW.

    2. Start scenario from BAW screen call custom rest api which can call Datacap internal webservices to start and run batches and make your folder on filenet and after this      you can get all result you want from custom rest api then return needed response to BAW.

    It seems very approach but you can have much flexibility doing so.

    Mohamed Shaker