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How to generate the download report and the respective download Count for each user

  • 1.  How to generate the download report and the respective download Count for each user

    Posted Fri October 20, 2023 04:48 PM

    As per our client requirement, they need the reports which should tell them how many times user downloaded the specific document.
    As part of our observations on IBM documentation, we have installed Social Collaboration add-ons and performed the query using inner join on our custom document class along with Download Records and Summary Data class to get the download count.

    However, post generating the custom reports, we have verified in ACCE and Navigator that, Summary Data class is giving the aggregation(Total) of the document download count.

    Could you please suggest us the solution or fix in order to fulfil the requiremnet of the client i.e. generating the Document download count per user.

    Please do let us know in case of any additional information requirement from our end.

    Sunil Kothapalli

  • 2.  RE: How to generate the download report and the respective download Count for each user

    Posted Mon October 23, 2023 06:18 AM

    Hi Sunil,

    I'm not sure whether I correctly understand what you are looking for. If you are searching for a way to configure the social collaboration extensions to show only the download count for the current user, this is not possible.

    If you are searching for a was to determine the download count for a given document and a given user, you can use the audit log capability of FN CM. Your can simply enable audit logging at the level of the object store and activate the "getContent" event for the document classes which need to be audited. The audit log entries consist of the action (here getContent), timestamp and the Id of the user who performed the corresponding action. Thus you should be able to query the Event table for the information you are looking for. Potentially, it might require to create custom indexes at the level of the Event table in order to ensure that you can effectively retrieve the download count per user. Be aware that you cannot distinguish between viewing, previewing or downloading a document as in any case a getContent operation is triggered. If you want to make the download count accessible to the end users, you may need to implement a plugin for ICN to display it somewhere in the UI, e.g. at the level of the document. If only admin users need to determine the download count, you can simply execute an object store search and retrieve this information in ACCE.

    Keep in mind that activating audit logging will increase the the object store database (the Event table). When you enable "document history" at the level of ICN, users can view the audit logs from ICN. Depending on the default security which you define for the audit log entries, regular users may also see the download actions of other users. To avoid this, you'll need to define the security for the audit log entries accordingly.

    Hope this helps to answer you question?

    Best regards!

    Michael Kirchner
    Sr. Automation Partner Technical Specialist
    IBM Technology