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Case Manager 5.3.3 to BAW v22 Migration

  • 1.  Case Manager 5.3.3 to BAW v22 Migration

    Posted Wed October 04, 2023 11:00 AM
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    Has anyone done Case Manager 5.3.3 to BAW v22 Migration? Please share the steps to follow for successful migration and application run.

    We have BAW environment ready with external CPE and ICN. The below steps are followed but not successful yet:-

    1. The existing case manager application assets are deployed in the TOS.
    2. New Desktop is created.
    3. The TOS object store repository is created and mapped to New Desktop.
    4. The custom plugins are added to ICN and mapped to the New Desktop.
    5. Default BAW Administration, Workflow, Client etc... plugins are added and mapped to New Desktop
    6. When New Desktop URL is access error is shown pointing to JS file and ICM Client errors. Stuck here...?????

    Please guide to get out of this problem and let us know of the mistake in our steps.

    Abhishek K Vannadil ECM/BPM Specialist