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Required add-ons for Case Manager

  • 1.  Required add-ons for Case Manager

    Posted Sun November 24, 2019 07:52 AM
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    During  a Case Manager solution development I found the following error occurred:
    In the SystemOut.log file I get:
    [REQUEST 19]
    com.filenet.api.exception.EngineRuntimeException: FNRCR0081E: RETRIEVE_PROPERTY_NOT_DEFINED: The property ContainerType is not defined. ObjectStore: "OS2", SQL: "SELECT t.[FolderName], t.[CmAcmHealthIndicator], t.[LastModifier], t.[DateLastModified], t.[CmAcmCaseTypeFolder], t.[CmAcmCaseState], t.[CmAcmCaseIdentifier], t.[DateCreated], t.[Creator], t.[Id], t.[ASB_TestString], t.[ClassDescription], t.[ContainerType], t.[LockToken], t.[LockTimeout] FROM [ASB_Test] t WHERE t.[ASB_TestString] LIKE 'ASB%%' and t.[CmAcmCaseState] > 1 ORDER BY t.[CmAcmCaseIdentifier] OPTIONS ( COUNT_LIMIT 2147483647 )" errorStack={

    I found this was because of a missing add-on in the target object store:
    So just need to add Workplace Base Extensions Add-On to the OS2 Target Object store.
    Full investigation and fix on page 60 onwards in the attached document.
    Also I found the required list here

    Alan S Bluck
    ASB Software Development Limited
    Ringwood, Hampshire, England
    0044 7710612479