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FileNet 5.5.4 prefomance improvement

  • 1.  FileNet 5.5.4 prefomance improvement

    Posted Tue October 27, 2020 06:17 AM

    We recently upgraded our environment to FileNet 5.5.4 from FileNet 5.2.1, In 5.5.4 we are observing slowness and taking around 1 min to load acce and workflows etc.. even we did a tune up WAS and Databases still we don't see much improvement.

    We are looking for support here. Please suggest any other ways to improve FileNet and ICN performance.


    Ranjit Kumar G

  • 2.  RE: FileNet 5.5.4 prefomance improvement

    Posted Tue October 27, 2020 05:30 PM
    Hi Ranjit, you can explore other tuning options here:  After you've confirmed that all relevant tuning is in place and you're still seeing slowness, please go ahead and file a support ticket.  Note that there are some additional performance-related white papers and documentation here as well:


    MATT Vest

  • 3.  RE: FileNet 5.5.4 prefomance improvement

    Posted Wed November 11, 2020 04:55 PM
    Hello Ranjit,

    We are on 5.2.1 and had serious problems with ICN's performance ... login took up to 45 seconds. Changeing a setting within the ICN desktop configuration brought an enormous performance boost:

    We had activated the setting marked in red. We have yet to figure out why, but disabling this option dramatically improved performance. Login now takes 3 to 5 seconds.



    Helmut Sproll

  • 4.  RE: FileNet 5.5.4 prefomance improvement

    Posted Mon November 23, 2020 08:35 AM
    Hello Guys,

    of course it could be a lot of things and tuning recommended by Matt is definitely recommended.

    On the other hand if the problem is just in logon to ICN (behavior described by Helmut) I recommend to focus on investigation in direction to connection to LDAP.
    There are different timeout settings in communication with LDAP especially if CPE is connected to complex enterprise organization structure.
    I had similar problems which was solved by adjusting timeouts in Active Directory LDAP interface and WebSphere Application Server.


    Pavel Silny